Watchdog Scout CP Rectifier Monitor with Current Interruption

Watchdog ScoutThe Watchdog Scout rectifier monitor system combines surge-tested field equipment, and an intuitive, web interface giving you maximum visibility and control to your cathodic protection system from anywhere you can access the web. With four analog channels, an AC rectifier power detection channel, two dry-contact digital channels (one can be set as a pulse accumulator), and our exclusive dual relay drive circuitry, the Scout is optimized for rectifier monitoring applications where interruption capability is desired. The Scout uses digital cellular TCP/IP communication over a secure Elecsys Private Network on the Verizon system, or Inmarsat geo-stationary satellite communication for reliable communication from any remote site. Modbus serial communication is also supported for inclusion in existing communication networks (SCADA). International communication is provided using Vodaphone and AT&T digital cellular, or over the Inmarsat and Thuraya satellite networks. The comprehensive options available for the Scout provide reliable, secure, global communication coverage.

The Watchdog Scout is designed for use in the harsh environments encountered at cathodic protection rectifier sites. The electronics are housed in a lockable, NEMA4x rated enclosure. The circuitry has been surge tested to withstand up to 7500V at 3500A using conducted voltage testing per the IEC 61000-4-5 specification. The Scout incorporates our new "Automatic Calibration Verification" circuitry, that tests each measurement circuit against a stable reference voltage with every measurement. This assures the measurement precision will be reliable with every reading, every time. Additionally, the Scout features continual current verification during interruption using the Watchdog current measurement circuitry for precise, accurate interruption verification throughout the entirety of the survey.

Watchdog Scout features:

  • Power leads and input leads surge-tested per IEC 61000-4-5 "Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) part 4-5: Testing and techniques - surge immunity test"
  • Cellular, satellite, and Modbus communication options
  • Dual relay control circuit supports standard mercury interruption relays, Watchdog "Fail-Safe" solid-state dual relay options, and mercury-free dual relay options
  • High impedance "instant-off" readings with programmable "anodic spike" delay
  • Continual, real-time interruption current on/off verification for immediate notification of rectifier or interruption anomalies during survey work.
  • New, "from the desk" diagnostic features for enhanced remote troubleshooting and equipment performance evaluation
  • Set up survey interruption for multiple rectifiers with just a few mouse clicks
  • Compact size and simplified installation