Wireless Remote Monitoring

Web-Based Wireless Remote Monitoring for the Oil & Gas, Utility, Railroad, Water/Wastewater, & Other Industries


The Elecsys Wireless Remote Monitoring product line is a complete M2M solution for the oil, gas, railroad, irrigation, water/wastewater, and similar industries. Our turn-key, web-based wireless remote monitoring systems provide the most reliable asset monitoring systems for deployment in remote and difficult field conditions anywhere in the world.

Elecsys Wireless Remote Monitoring products provide reliable, low-cost, real time condition monitoring, alarming and data collection functionality from your field equipment to your desktop or mobile device.

  • Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems (rectifiers, CP test stations, corrosion probes, ...)
  • Oil and Gas Wells (tank level, flow, pump/compressor status, pressure, ...)
  • Gas Distribution Utilities (city gates, regulator stations, odorizers, pressure recorders, data loggers, …)
  • Railroad Wayside Equipment (friction management, track signals, crossing controllers, …)
  • Water Systems (lift stations, pump status, tank levels, CP systems, …)
  • Irrigation Wells (water levels, groundwater/surface water flow, pump status, ...)
  • Web-based SCADA applications

 Elecsys Wireless Remote Monitor Features:

  • Accurately measure and monitor critical field parameters – voltage, current, pressure, flow rate, temperature, tank level, pulse counts, etc.
  • Telemeter the data using secure low cost wireless technologies – digital cellular and satellite.
  • Present the data via powerful web-based applications in a graphical, easy-to-understand format.
    • Powerful and flexible alarm notifications are sent via text message or email.
    • Data reporting in flexible formats, as well as push/pull of data to user's server/database.
    • Poll for data, reconfigure settings, set alarm points, and upgrade firmware over-the-air.
    • Interface directly with SCADA systems and enterprise applications.