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Elecsys Watchdog Scout


Remote Monitoring System w/Interruption

The Watchdog Scout combines the installation simplicity of our VIP system with the advanced, web-based interruption capabilities of the groundbreaking Watchdog Mesh system.
High Pressure Pipeline

Full featured, reliable performance, state of the art technology

The Watchdog Scout combines the installation simplicity of our VIP system with the advanced, web-based interruption capabilities of the groundbreaking Watchdog Mesh system. The Scout is designed to withstand all the challenges encountered in CP rectifier monitoring applications. The compact sized, lockable NEMA4x enclosure provides a secure, protective environment for the state of the art electronics. Advanced, self-testing circuitry automatically verifies the channel calibration to a known, stable voltage with every reading. This assures the most accurate reading available, every time!

The Scout surge protection circuitry has been rigorously tested per IEC 61000-4-5 specifications. This test method most closely correlates with the lightning and input power surges encountered by remote monitor equipment in the field.

The powerful Elecsys Web Monitor interface provides instant visibility to the status of your field assets, and simplifies multiple rectifier GPS-synchronized interruption, group polling, and automatic compliance report generation.

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    Scout Hardware Features

  • Lightening and Surge Resistant Icon

    Surge protection tested (conducted voltage test per IEC 61000-4-5 specifications)

  • Inputs Icon

    4 analog measurement channels, 2 digital input channels (dry-contact, pulse accumulation), AC mains on/off detection channel (probe included), GPS synchronized current interruption

  • Calibration Verification Icon

    New, “Automatic Calibration Verification" circuitry assures precision measurement accuracy every time

  • 2 Way Cellular Icon

    2-way cellular or satellite telemetry options for reliable communication anywhere in the world on demand

  • AC Mains Detection Icon

    AC mains on/off detection

  • Elecsys Remote Monitoring System

  • GPS synchronized interruption with current sensing

  • Alarm and return to normal notifications via e-mail and/or SMS text message

  • Global communication to the Elecsys Web Monitor system via cellular or satellite telemetry

  • Intuitive, “point & click" web interface

  • Firmware reprogrammable over the air (cellular units only)

  • Modbus interface for SCADA systems

Hardware Specifications


Digital cellular


Modbus (RS232) RTU slave connection for use w/customer supplied SCADA data radio

Operating Environment

Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-20° C to +70° C in battery backup power mode)

Humidity: 0—100% non-condensing

Enclosure rating: NEMA 4X polycarbonate

Power Options

8-35 VDC or 10-25 VAC, rechargeable backup battery for alarm notification of power failure


NEMA4x Enclosure: 8" (20.3 cm) X 10" (25.4 cm) X 4" (10.2 cm)


2 relay control outputs


4 analog measurement channels

2 digital dry-contact/pulse accumulator channels

1 AC detection probe input

Interrupter Module

GPS synchronized

Syncs with all popular portable interrupters

Relay options:

  • 100 Amp mercury relay
  • Solid state AC relay (10VAC - 120VAC, 100A)

  • Solid state DC relay (1VDC - 100VDC, 100A)
  • Low-voltage AC solid state relay system
  • Solid state AC with mercury bypass dual relay system
  • "Mercury free" solid state AC with mechanical bypass dual relay system

Measurement Accuracy

Rectifier voltage input: Range = +/-200V, measurement accuracy better than +/- 100mV

Rectifier current input: Range = +/-100mV, measurement accuracy better than +/- 100uV

Potential input: Range = +/-10V, measurement accuracy better than +/- 100uV