Industrial Data Communications Systems

Direct SCADA Communications GatewayThe Director Z2 is a ruggedized field proven edge-of-network front end processor designed for industrial field applications. This single device enables a seamless migration path for quicker data acquisition, automatic communication failover, cyber security, bandwidth management, and protocol conversion throughout your entire industrial communication network.

With a wide selection of industry standard and legacy protocols, the Director Z2 can gather data from almost any field device and deliver it to your enterprise data systems. Combining our Advanced Configuration Environment (ACE) with one of the industry’s best application programming languages (ISaGRAF), the Director can be easily programmed for most applications.

The Director Z2 supports I/O expansion options enabling the unit to be easily customized for your specific application. The Director Z2 directly interfaces with messaging middleware/data brokers, new and legacy SCADA hosts, ERP systems, Leak Detection, Maintenance Systems and other enterprise applications. Elecsys also provides the “Director HCP2” (host communication processer 2) or OPC software packages to enhance the performance and capabilities of your existing system.

See the list of protocols.


  • SCADA Industrial Communication Gateway
  • Protocol Converter, Bandwidth Management
  • Data Logging and Removable Storage
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Frequency/Demand Response
  • Substation Communication
  • "Smart Grid" producer/consumer integration
  • Tank Farm Automation/Communication
  • Compressor Booster Station Automation/Communication
  • Terminal Server Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway
  • HART Protocol Gateway (wired and WirelessHART)
  • (RTU) Remote Telemetry Unit / (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller Applications
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Device to Server Gateway

Product Capabilities

  • Field Data Acquisition
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Automatic Communications Failover
  • Field Data Security
  • Multi-protocol Support
  • WirelessHART Gateway
  • Embedded CDMA Modem

Networking Capabilities

  • Terminal Server Capabilities
  • Routing
  • FTP & Telnet Remote Diagnostics
  • 'IP tables' for firewall/DNAT/SNAT/etc., SSH, SFTP, DNS, SNMP, Quagga Routing (RIP, RIPng, OSPF, BGP)

Communication Connectivity

  • Ethernet
  • Frame Relay
  • Satellite
  • Cellular
  • Microwave
  • Radio
  • Dial-up or Dial-out
  • RS232/RS485 Serial

Business Integration

  • MQTT client
  • Data Broker integration
  • Publish/Subscribe event driven technology
  • ERP integration
  • XML, CSV file processing
  • OPC

RTU/PLC Functionality

  • IEC 61131 Programmability
  • PID Loops
  • Input/Output Options