The ISM-4 industrial status remote monitor is ideal for applications where flexibility of voltage measurement ranges is paramount.  With four surge resistant analog measurement channels that can be independently configured to accurately measure voltages from +/-100mV to +/-200V, the ISM-4 is both versatile and rugged. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for any industrial application that requires multiple measurement options including field sites, in-plant equipment, or other remote assets requiring diverse voltage measurement capabilities where dependable real-time monitoring is critical.

The ISM-4 has the option to be powered by an external source like AC line input, a generator, or solar power, or it can function solely on its lithium battery where power is unavailable or unreliable. That gives the ISM-4 incredible adaptability to report from sites that were previously difficult to monitor. Coupled with the Elecsys cloud-based web-interface, the ISM-4 provides both flexible configuration features and powerful reporting capabilities. And like all Elecsys products, the ISM-4 is proudly made in the USA.

    Hardware Features

  • data conversion icon

    Programmable ranges on all analog channels

  • alert icon

    Instant alarm and return-to-normal notifications via email or text

  • surge resistant icon

    Lightning/power surge-resistant circuitry

  • security icon

    Lockable enclosure

  • cellular icon

    Available in cellular, satellite, or Modbus enabled configurations

  • power icon

    Flexible Power Operation

  • Elecsys Remote Monitoring System

  • Alarm and return to normal notifications via e-mail and/or SMS text message

  • Global communication to the Elecsys Web Monitor system via cellular or satellite telemetry

  • Intuitive, “point & click" web interface

  • Firmware reprogrammable over the air (cellular units only)

Hardware Specifications

Part Number

Modbus: ISM4-L1
CDMA cellular telemetry: ISM4-N1
GSM cellular telemetry: ISM4-N3
Satellite telemetry: ISM4-S3

Operating Environment

Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 0 – 95% non-condensing
Enclosure: NEMA 4X polycarbonate


For always ON, pollable operation: 6-30VDC and 8-25VAC external power input
Internal LiSOCL2 batteries function as backup power source or as primary power source when operating in “report only” mode (if external power is not avail able or not desired)


Analog Input Channels (#1 - #4):
Voltage Range= +/- 200 Volts DC (+/-1%) 1Mohm input impedance
Current Range(1)= +/- 200 mVolts DC (+/-1%) 1Mohm input impedance
Pipe to Soil Range= +/- 10 Volts DC (+/-1%) >10Mohm input impedance
Current Range(2)= +/- 200 mVolts DC (+/-1%) 1Mohm input impedance
Digital Input Channel: Dry contact type


5.3” (135 mm) X 7.8” (200 mm) X 2.8” (72 mm)


Universal brackets included for mounting inside rectifier cabinet, pole mount or post mount
Connection cables: 1ea 7’ (2.1m) power cable, 1ea 7’ (2.1m) mea surement cable
Cables are molded and weatherproof and include a twist-lock unit connector


CDMA cellular telemetry: 1xRtt
GSM cellular telemetry: HSPA+(4G)
Satellite telemetry: Isat Data Pro (IDP)

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