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    How It Works

    The RediGate is a protocol agnostic data concentrator that connects
    field devices to IT and OT.

  • Bandwidth Efficiency

    Whether upstream or downstream, our report-by-exception communication efficiently transfers data between remote devices and corporate data systems.

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    Big Data Analytics

    High speed report-by-exception data interconnections facilitate efficient transmission of critical data between grid operators, SCADA/EMS systems, producers, consumers, and load and generation aggregators.

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    The RediGate series integrates seamlessly without taking down your system.

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    Ease of Integration

    Everything in your system remains standardized -- you don't have to change a single piece of your architecture.

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    Complete Connectivity

    The RediGate series connects assets and data to the host and provides protocol conversion, communication failover, cybersecurity, and report-by-exception bandwidth management.

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Protocol Agnostic

Whether legacy equipment or new, the RediGate series is protocol-agnostic to help simplify system migration.

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