• How It Works

    The RediGate is a protocol agnostic data concentrator that connects
    field devices to IT and OT.

  • Bandwidth Efficiency

    Whether upstream or downstream, our report-by-exception communication efficiently transfers data between remote devices and corporate data systems.

  • Big Data Analytics

    High speed report-by-exception data interconnections facilitate efficient transmission of critical data between grid operators, SCADA/EMS systems, producers, consumers, and load and generation aggregators.

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  • Migration

    The RediGate series integrates seamlessly without taking down your system.

  • Ease of Integration

    Everything in your system remains standardized -- you don't have to change a single piece of your architecture.

  • Complete Connectivity

    The RediGate series connects assets and data to the host and provides protocol conversion, communication failover, cybersecurity, and report-by-exception bandwidth management.

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MQTT RBE vs Poll/Response

Add your numbers to see how much data you can save

* Data approximation based on testing using an OPC-UA server polling EtherNet/IP tags from a CompactLogix PLC versus an Elecsys RediGate 400 polling the same PLC and reporting by exception using the MQTT RBE protocol.

Protocol Agnostic

Whether legacy equipment or new, the RediGate series is protocol-agnostic to help simplify system migration.

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